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Dollar Sheet (Pakka Wood)

What is dollar sheet?

If you find yourself asking that what is pakka wood? And you notice layers of colourful lines on the handle of a knife the. You are already halfway there. Dollar sheet is a wooden material made by compressing thin layers of dyed wood and then strongly pressed together. When it comes to outdoors it also gives a good grip when dirty.

It’s region is mainly Pakistan. No one clearly knows that who started to make it first but whoever did it, his invention is being used by every knife maker at least in Pakistan.

How is dollar sheet made?

Making dollar sheet starts with choosing what colours do you want. After that you get some thin layers of wood from a suppliers and then dye them with the favourable colour after that the sheets are soaked in glue type material and after that the layers are joined together and pressed using a piston.


Benefits of dollar sheet

Dollar sheet comes in many shapes and varieties, and there is something for everyone. With all the layers of materials that go into making micarta, and the intense heat and pressure it is put under in the production process alone, micarta is a very durable handle material that can easily stand up to whatever you can put it through.


Some Products With Dollar Sheet




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