About Us

How we started?

Well, it all started during the year 2000 when covid started to rise, we were doing well in the poultry business and everything was going good, suddenly due to some massive disaster in poultry industry we had to close everything down. As we were already in the city of cutlery and knives and online work was increasing day by day, we also got an idea to start a knife and outdoor related brand i.e mhscutlery.


Our Mission:

Everyone now that what is going on in there surroundings and so did we, we saw many knife makers around us who were over charging, providing bad products, bad packing and bad service. We wanted to make a brand that would stand out from them in almost everything.


Our Products:

We mainly focus on handmade knives that are made 100% by hand by our team of skilled workers. However to increase variety we also are selling some leather items that are also made by us. However we retail that bushcraft gear.


Our Team:

Every tree has roots due to which it stand and the root of our team are the skilled knife makers that make knives for our company. Secondly our packers and social media marketers are very important for our company.


How can you support us?

You can simply support us by buying anything from the website and adding a little tip which will be used for charity.