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Custom Hand Forged Damascus Steel Gut Hook Hunter

Custom Hand Forged Damascus Steel Gut Hook Hunter

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Indulge in the artistry of the Custom Hand Forged Damascus Steel Gut Hook Hunter. Expertly crafted from superior Damascus steel, this hunting tool boasts a sharp gut hook for easy skinning and a durable handle for a comfortable and secure grip. Enhance your hunting experience with this luxurious and exclusive piece.

Total Length       : 8 Inches
Blade Length      : 4 Inches
Blade Thickness  : 6mm
Blade Hardness  : 55 to 60 HRC
Blade Material    : Damascus Steel
Sheath                : Cow Hide Leather Sheath

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Customer Reviews

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Great Knife at a Great cost

ordered this knife and could not be happier. To start with the workmanship is incredible and is truly a beautiful knife.
So beautiful that I was almost hesitant to take out traipsing through the woods with me up here in Alaska. I did take it out and while my moose hunt yielded little in the way of moose, I did have the opportunity to use this knife and test it.
The knife retained its edge and resisted dulling to an impressive extent I used it extensively as a camp knife where I employed it to prepare dinner, cut kindling for my fire, and trim branches for my shelter. Over all I am very pleased with this knife and highly encourage any outdoors person to consider purchasing this product for your next adventure!

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