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Damascus Steel Fancy Hunter / Pakka Wood Handle

Damascus Steel Fancy Hunter / Pakka Wood Handle

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Introducing our Damascus Steel Fancy Hunter with a stylish Pakka Wood Handle! This high-quality, durable knife is perfect for any outdoor adventure or camping trip. Its unique design and materials make it a must-have for any enthusiast. Go on, unleash your inner hunter!

Total Length       : 9 Inches
Blade Length      : 5 Inches
Blade Thickness  : 6mm
Blade Hardness  : 55 to 60 HRC
Blade Material    : Damascus Steel
Sheath                : Cow Hide Leather Sheath

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome little belt knife

I recently ordered this knife for the sole purpose of being a cleaning knife for when I harvested game. This knife excellent in every regard for that purpose. It has been put to use when my good friend that I was showing around the white mountains up here in Alaska harvested her first Caribou of the season and needed help processing it. This knife was amazing, it held its edge and was easy to maneuver in the chest cavity while also being able to sever ligaments and tendons with ease. This knife has the added benefit of it being the size and weight that it is, I forgot I even had it on my belt till the time came that I had the pleasure of using it. This knife preformed so well in fact the the same friend decided that she would be getting one very shortly, especially after seeing mine in action!
Again great knife! Perfect for the minimalist hunter

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